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I am an Assistant Professor at Tulane University and a health economist. My research focuses largely on the effects of healthcare incentives and technology on the provision of care and patient outcomes.  My work spans projects that use administrative claims data and other Real Word Data to investigate the productivity of medical care.  I am particularly interested in identifying low value vs high value technologies in medicine, the incentives behind wasteful care, the policies that drive or hinder innovation in medicine, and how health data interoperability can reduce data silos and improve health outcomes. 


Some of my research has been cited by the CDC and media outlets such as NYT, Bloomberg, NPR and US News. 


I am currently on research leave from Tulane University to be part of a National Institute of Aging Pilot project at Indiana University. You can contact me via 

August 2023: 

Our work on dialysis innovation was recently presented at the National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute. Presentation on Youtube here  (last hour). 

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