Working Papers 


Did the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program Reduce Readmissions? An Assessment of Prior Evidence and New Estimates. (With Robert Kaestner). 

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Mortality and Socioeconomic Consequences of Prescription Opioids: Evidence from State Policies (With Robert Kaestner) 

Article PDF (NBERWP:26135) 

Media : VOXEU , Cato, Brookings

Effect of Prescription Opioids and Prescription Opioid Control Policies on Infant Health (With Robert Kaestner) 

Article PDF (NBERWP:26749) 

Effects of State COVID-19 Closure Policy on NON-COVID-19 Health Care Utilization (With Kosali Simon and 

Coady Wing) 

Article PDF (NBERWP:27621)

Media : WSJ, DailyMail, WWLTV , Forbes

Work in Progress 

Medicare Reimbursement & Innovation (With Diane Alexander) 

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Work in Progress

The Effects of Medicare’s Performance Pay Policies on Privately Insured Patients
(with Robert Kaestner & Cuiping Schiman)

Can the Quality of Post-Discharge Care Explain the Racial Disparities in Hospital Readmission Rates?